Annual Fundraiser

The Winners are:

  1. Theo Weirdsma – Case of Premium Wine
  2. Julia Batz – Napa Wine Train Tour
  3. Mimi Crumpton – Golf Flight B
  4. Ed Kelly Jr. IV – Dinning Out
  5. Dominic & Martha Muzzi – Big Creek Hard Hat Tour
  6. Mary Siefke – Capitola Beach Suites/Shaddowbrook
  7. Jean & Ed Kelly – Golf Flight A


Dear PVHA Supporter

Once again, we contemplated holding an annual fundraiser and realized that one of the hurdles facing us was to work around all the other fundraisers that are held in our community. We know how overwhelming it becomes to attend so many worthwhile events. With this in mind, we decided to hold our “Fourth Annual No Attendance Mail-In Raffle Fundraiser.” You won’t have to pay for a dinner, give up an evening at home, or even dress up.

We, along with most other charitable organizations can only exist through the generosity of our benefactors. Our beautiful historic house, museum, and archive must be maintained and preserved for future generations. To do this, we need your support.

For our Raffle, we have come up with SIX fabulous prizes with a total value in excess of $5,000

Additionally, the winners get to pick their own prize…first drawn gets first choice!

As this will be our primary fundraiser for the year. We are hopeful that you share our enthusiasm and will be generous in purchasing many opportunities to win one or more of these wonderful prizes.

Thank you for your support.

PVHA Board Members, Staff and Volunteers


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