Fashion Collection

This is a sampling of clothing at Pajaro Valley Historical Association. We have dresses, hats, uniforms and children’s clothing dating from the 1800’s. The house displays are changed three times a year.

Visit our fantastic fashion collection of shoes, clothes, hats, accessories and uniforms from the 1880s to modern times in the Bockius-Orr House. The collection reflects changing economic trends and social values over the years.

Vintage Clothing




Our collection including military uniforms (including World War I, World War II, Annapolis), professional (Red Cross, nurse), sports (baseball, football), civic (girl scouts, boy scouts, band), plus Watsonville High School memorabilia.



Kids’ clothes are always adorable no matter what the year.

Children’s Clothing



Some of the purses used decades ago in our collection look like something you could find at Macys today! We house a variety of fur coats, once part of every well-to-do woman’s wardrobe, but out of favor for some time, as well as gloves designed in Paris, and jewelry.


Hats are the icing on the cake for any outfit and are an important part of the fashion of every age. Our collection of some 500 hats include practical sunbonnets of the 1880s, cloche hats of the 20s, and whimsical birdcage hats and pillboxes of the 60s.



Clothing Collection from 1930’s – 40’s