PVHA Honored as “Organization of the Year for 2018” by the Watsonville Chamber of Commerce

Judy Doering-Nielsen, Board President, accepted the award from Dr. Nancy Bilicich, last year’s honoree.

The Pajaro Valley Historical Association was extremely honored to be named “Organization of the Year.”

When PVHA was informed of this honor, Judy Doering-Nielsen, Board President, said, “This organization is dependent upon a group of incredible volunteers who work diligently to provide the Pajaro Valley with an amazing community asset.”

Ken Dobler, a board member, remarked, “I am very happy that PVHA has been recognized. It is an honor and a pat on the back for all the volunteers. They are a very dedicated group of people and it has been my privilege as a long time board member to work with them.”

“People come from as far away as Virginia and Croatia to delve into PVHA’s archive. After 77 years of being unknown in the community, our presence is being picked up. It’s been a period of positive growth for us, and it’s unique because we are a community museum and archive,” said Louis Arbanas, an archive volunteer.

“I enjoy planning new exhibits,” Mimi Crumpton said. “We work with our wonderful clothing collection dating from the 1800s to 1900s. Some of our oldest treasures include combs, shoes, and a mantilla from the Californio period that belonged to Celistonia Amesti. We pick a theme and it to life. Exhibits have varied from ‘Alfred Hitchcock Movies’ to ‘A Vintage Christmas.’ I have volunteered at PVHA for 16 years. It’s a privilege to work with Watsonville’s history.”

Jeanette Crosetti, an archive volunteer, said, “The Chamber sees the hard work done by our volunteers. I enjoy research and learning about the Pajaro Valley. I have volunteered at PVHA for four years. The house and archive are wonderful places to work. I have met many new people and become reacquainted with others that I have not seen in years. Such a joy!”

“Our mission as volunteers at PVHA is to preserve our local history. I urge everyone to study the rich culture of our beautiful Pajaro Valley so that we can keep the good things of the past, and improve in the future those things that are not so good! I also like the squirrels that play here in the trees,” said Gayle Huff Ivanovich, a house volunteer.

A volunteer for 3 years, Claudia Mize said, “I enjoy working with the house ladies and the archive volunteers. I help with a variety of tasks and am amazed at all the history that can be learned from the volunteers and visitors.”

We encourage everyone to visit the Bockius-Orr House, the Borina Archive & Alzora Snyder & Jane Borg Research Center, the Carriage House and our beautiful garden. Watsonville is a melting pot of nationalities and PVHA would like to reflect all of our community.

We have three big events each year: the Christmas Tea in December; the Vintage Picnic in July; and our mail-in raffle fund raiser in August. Newsletters are published 3 times a year and are also posted on our website. You can find what is new at PVHA on Facebook and on our website at pajarovalleyhistory.org.

PVHA is always looking for new volunteers. If you like computers, photography, clothing, gardening, organizing, meeting people, come put your skills to use.