Stephen Bankhead’s Writings

Stephen Bankhead, local resident and writer, passed away in February 2022.  His articles and opinion pieces appeared regularly in the Pajaronian and Sentinel. After his death, his family donated many articles that Mr. Bankhead wrote, along with pictures and numerous other items, to the PVHA. We can now share these items. 

I came across a “Letter to the Editor” letter Stephen wrote in 1985 after Frank Orr (editor of the Register-Pajaronian newspaper) passed away: 

“I never met Frank Orr. I don’t believe I had ever seen his picture until I saw one over the headline announcing his death. But I’ve read his words and mailed him mine for 15 years, and felt closer to him than to some people I’ve met a hundred times. I rarely disagreed with Mr. Orr, and when I did it was because I felt his opinion was perhaps too ethical for the real world. What a glorious way to be wrong! ‘To the Editor’ has always meant ‘To Mr. Orr’ and now the words will never be quite the same. The world of journalism has lost a humane and reasoned voice, and I’ve lost a dear friend I’ve never met.”